START - 11 November 2019

DURATION - 10 November 2021


The project has four Outcomes; these Outcomes offer immediate understanding of what the project is about, while the key words have large communication and visibility potential. The key words also emphasize the fact that this project is about enhancing integrity - transparency and accountability being just its emanation or preconditions.

Institutional, operational, and functional  capacities of the SCPC strengthened  and upgraded

Institutional, operational, and functional  capacities of the APRFAPI strengthened  and upgraded

Public awareness and inclusion in building integrity and transparency raised and strengthened.

Interagency information exchange channels and analytical capacities strengthened.



Within the EU-funded project on Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration of North Macedonia, the PwC is looking for qualified professionals to produce a deep qualitative analysis of vulnerable sectors identified in the National Strategy for Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest 2021-2025 (NSPCCI).

The aim of the analysis will to set the baseline to measure the impact of the strategy on the selected sectors (mentioned below) with regards to transparency, accountability and integrity.
The analysis should be based on the NSPCCI and its Action Plan and focus on the assessment of the de iure vs de facto situation in each sector in line with the integrity indicators and other indicators proposed by the authors as relevant.
The sectors to be analysed include:

  • healthcare,
  • education,
  • sport,
  • environment,
  • agriculture,
  • state-owned enterprises.

This call is addressed to individual experts and/or research teams with proven experience in proposing methodologies and conducting similar analytical studies in some or all of the mentioned sectors as well as proven knowledge and understanding of anti-corruption and integrity policies and issues.
The analysis will be implemented under the supervision of and in close cooperation with the PwC Project Team and the SCPC.

Qualified candidates are invited to send their CVs in EuropAid format
( and in English to and by 10 February 2021.

Call for expression of interest

Call for tenderers

CONTRACTING INSTITUTION: PricewaterhouseCoopers Revizija doo Skopje,

DATE OF BRIEF: January 2021

TOPIC: Implementation of a public Integrity Campaign, including:

  • Promotion of positive perception of whistleblowers;
  • Promotion of integrity;
  • Promotion of free access to public information

PROJECT: Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration in North Macedonia EuropeAid/139891/DH/SER/MK

COUNTRY: North Macedonia

Call for Tenderers for Implementation of Integrity Campaign

Communication Strategy Integrity Campaign – mk

Communication strategy Integrity Campaign_eng


Program objective

To reform public administration in line with the Principles of Public Administration

OVERALL objective

This Project is part of the IPA 2017 Programme “EU support to public administration reform and statistics”. The purpose of the Programme is to support the reform of public administration, which is an important element to pave the way to further integration of North Macedonia with the European Union.

This Project is embedded, on the one hand, in the long-lasting European Integration policy of the consecutive governments since 1990, intensified after the signature of Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) in 2001 and the granting of the candidate status in 2005 and, on the other hand, the government’s efforts, supported by the EU, to cope with corruption and enhance integrity, transparency and accountability in the public administration.

Overall Objective: To strengthen ethics, integrity, transparency and accountability of public administration.

Project Purpose: To strengthen the capacities of the APRFAPI and the SCPC, with the aim of improving their operational functioning, contributing to increasing integrity and ethics of public institutions, as well as improving transparency and accountability of public administration.


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